A web accelerator is a piece of software which accelerates a website typically by caching content and providing it instead of the web server. Such programs could be employed for both static and dynamic Internet sites because there are a variety of accelerators that can cache both static content and database calls and responses. The best thing about using a web accelerator is that a given site shall perform significantly faster without using additional resources. Just the opposite, such a website will need significantly less resources to operate because the web accelerator will tackle most requests rather than the server. In contrast to many firms that do not offer web accelerators with their solutions or offer only one, we offer 3 different ones that will permit you to speed up your Internet sites regardless of their style or content.
Web Accelerators in Website Hosting
When you host your sites within a website hosting account from us, you will have three popular web accelerators to pick from if you'd like to improve the sites' efficiency. Memcached is employed for database-driven sites and it caches the calls and requests between a site and its database, so it could decrease the load of such Internet sites tremendously. Varnish caches whole pages the first time a website visitor opens them and provides them from there on if the same visitor opens them again. It does that considerably faster than the hosting server, so it can raise the loading speed of any Internet site approximately 300%. Node.js is an object-oriented platform for real-time apps which operates on the web server and not within the visitor's Internet browser. It is used for accommodation booking, chats and other applications where a lot of data should be processed in real time. The availability of these accelerators depends on the hosting plan that you choose - they could come by default or as an upgrade. In each case, you'll be able to add more instances or more memory for each of them.